Low car battery, the powerbank trick: incredible what happens

It has probably happened at least once in your life that you have been left on foot due to a low car battery and not knowing what to do and how to behave.

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Start the car with a powerbank – Motori.news

Situations like this are difficultcause panic especially if the protagonists are women who do not know how to resolve in the moment.

That is why we should always be ready to face any problem in one way or another.

What is the powerbank for in the car

Both in winter and in summer, low self battery is a drawback which unfortunately we may find ourselves having to face with surprise and regret. For this reason, it is always advisable to keep a PowerBank at hand that allows you to start the car battery, recharge it as necessary and then leave and start traveling again without necessarily having to ask someone for help.

To do this, a power bank is enough portable 12 volt, 12000mah, 400A, useful for charging multiple devices at the same time. This ensures that you do not get left on foot suddenly, it is a perfect economic solution for everyone, ideal for any pocket and for all needs. You can buy it practically everywhere. It is found both in physical electronics stores, in small shops or on the internet, where you can buy it at ridiculously affordable prices.

The powerbank allows you to recharge the car battery runs out in minutes. The USB outputs are iSmart and arrive, they allow you to safely recharge mobile phones by touching very high current peaks, which make sure that the car starts up by charging the bare minimum and continuing to charge independently.

Through the LCD display, you can also check the remaining battery level, the charging status or the output voltage. This happens in the best power banks that still have a cost that is within the average. To start the fully discharged car engine, the battery must have at least 60% remaining charge. It can help even 25%, but it is a risky practice, it is better to do everything in safety.

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How to use the power bank to start the low self battery

To recharge the discharged car battery just connect the red clamp to the positive pole and the black one to the negative pole. When the starter cable indicator turns green, the car engine can be started. At this point, the starter cable can be disconnected and the car starts quietly.

The powerbank is useful for all machines, for both new and older machines. It is advisable, being a small contraption, to keep it fixed in the trunk of the car, inside its case with the appropriate cables in such a way as to always have it available in case of emergency.

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