Do you really save money by using car sharing? You won’t believe your eyes

Today many choose to take advantage of the car sharing service, especially in large cities, to save as much as possible on petrol and on the use of their own means of transport.

Car sharing
Car sharing

That’s why the service it is constantly growing and shows no signs of stopping. It is a profitable service in all respects, both for consumers’ pockets and for the environment.

According to the first surveys, every family that relies on car sharing has an annual saving of € 3800 compared to those who choose to use their own means of transport.

Car sharing is growing, that’s why people choose to focus on sharing

The car sharing report was published by the National Observatory on sharing Mobility, for the sixth national conference of sharing Mobility. It was concluded that many citizens today choose to use electric bicycles, scooters, shared cars, to move around the city or public transport to save on the maintenance of their own vehicle.

The private car today is an extra expense that weighs on families who have to pay road tax, insurance, fuel and maintenance. Many users claim without any shame that they have chosen not to pay the car tax or insurance in the hope of not being caught. This is obviously a significant risk. Why do it if there are public transport made available for example in large cities? For example, in Milan the growth of the car sharing service is 61%: compared to two years ago this is an interesting increase of 25%.

car sharing
car sharing enjoy –

Where the car sharing service is particularly developed

The result is certainly interesting as well as satisfactory, but what counts more than anything else is that growth shows no signs of stopping, indeed at the end of the year the number will probably be much higher. The only regions that appear to be off the car sharing maps as of December 31, 2021 they are Molise, Basilicata and Umbria.

Instead the cities where the car sharing service is very strong, they are Milan and Rome. Milan even leads the ranking followed by Rome. On the other hand, as far as big cities around the world are concerned, in the first place there is Paris, in the second there is Berlin and finally there is Hamburg. All this does nothing but testify in favor of nature and the environment that surrounds us because there are fewer emissions of gas, carbon dioxide that damage not only the greenery, but also our health.

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