BMW M5 Touring E61 With Manual Gearbox Is A Dream V10 Wagon


If you’re looking for a V10-powered family vehicle, your options are very, very limited. In fact, if you need everyday practicality in wagon form, you’ll basically have to choose between the Audi RS6 (2008-2010) and the BMW M5 (E60/E61). These are two very powerful family long-roofed vehicles with two of the craziest combustion engines of the past. Let’s talk about the latter of the two.

The M5 (E60/E61) is still considered by many BMW enthusiasts to be one of the greatest engines the Bavarian company has ever built. There’s only one problem – the seven-speed SMG single-clutch automatic manual. It’s the weakest link in the equation that can never keep up with the high-speed V10 that kills a lot of fun and performance. However, there’s always a solution available – just replace the seven-speed gearbox with the classic six-speed manual.

But then, there was another problem. The three-pedal transmission is only available in North America, while the wagon body model is sold exclusively in Europe. What if someone wanted a wagon with a shift stick, then? The folks at EverythingM3s (UK) come to the rescue by putting all their knowledge into working on Bimmers performances. One of their most recent projects met the aforementioned criteria – a V10 under the hood, wagon-style body and three pedals under the wheel.

The white M5 tour featured in the video at the top of this page will be delivered to its new owner soon but Supercar Driver active channel Youtube given exclusive access for a day behind the wheel. We’re not going to spoil all the fun you’ll see and enjoy, but we’ll just mention that the car feels absolutely amazing in the corners, judging by the driver’s reaction. The naturally aspirated engine, in turn, is an absolute blast from an era when the rev limiter sat much higher than most modern cars.


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