Ambulance transport, it is no longer free: the price is very high if you call it

Ambulance transport is free, this is what we have all always thought. In reality this is not really the case, we are simply not all correctly informed and yet we should be. This allows you not to fall into error.

Ambulance transport
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The ambulance service is free only when cases are truly urgent. In all other cases, the transport must be paid for, in particular when the user could have easily reached the hospital independently,

It is a free service when the patient is really unable to reach the hospital with his own means or when he is seriously ill. All other cases instead require the payment of a health ticket. The payment of the service is required to discourage all those who ask to be transported by ambulance in the absence of real urgency, only as a matter of lightness.

When the hospital ambulance service is paid for and when it is free

You need to know that the service is paid in all regions of Italy, but not all of them require the same amount. You pay when the intervention is not ordered by 118, when there are no urgent or emergency conditions to request it, when the patient can be transported by other means without requiring the intervention of nurses, assistants or doctors. Or whenor after transport eventually does not require hospitalizationso the patient’s condition is not at all serious or worrying.

The ambulance is also paid when the call comes as a result of alcohol intake, or when the patient refuses to get on board at the first request for assistance from the rescue vehicle and then makes a second request for help via ambulance. Finally, payment is requested when it is requested via automatic services the urgent intervention of the health workersfor no real reason, so by mistake.

How much you pay for the ambulance and doctors

The cost of transport varies, taking into account many factors. Obviously the first has to do with the reference region, the second with rates applied by the association which lends itself to perform the service.

Generally the transport costs € 150 if there is no doctor on board, then it goes to € 250 if yes it’s an ambulance with doctors inside. When the ambulance transport is free, first of all the doctor checks the condition of the beneficiary, to verify that the urgency was real and that the user had no other way to reach the hospital. To call the ambulance using the free service, therefore, there must be certain conditions.

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