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The law requires that the tires on your car have to be changed soon. What is there to know about it? Here are all the details and information to make the change in time and avoid incurring heavy penalties and risks regarding road safety!

Winter tires
Winter tires – Motori.News

Road safety is one of the most important issues when owning a car. Dealing with the winter season without the right equipment is something that jeopardizes your safety and that of other drivers. What do you need to know about winter tires? When will the change be made? Here is everything you need to know about this fundamental aspect!

The use of tires varies according to the season and certain temperatures and environmental conditions. There are, in fact, tires that are particularly suitable for facing the cold months of the year and other more suitable spring and summer months!

The tires to be used in the winter months have less thick knobs than the summer ones! To leave a summer tire in the cold months will make you run the risk of running into much lower performance as regards theroad grip, braking power and traction. The less noticeable knobs in winter tires promote grip and grip in the presence of snow, water and ice!

Winter tires
Change winter tires: here is when to do it –

But when do you have to fit the right tires for your car? Here is everything you need to consider in order not to be caught unprepared and to avoid ‘shelling out’ money to pay the fine!

Change winter tires: here is the date to keep in mind in order not to incur heavy penalties!

First, let’s start by saying those who have all-season tires are exempt from changing tires. This move, however, is not always recommended. In fact, in the event that the area where you live is subject to severe thunderstorms or snow fall, these tires will have less grip and performance performance than ‘pure’ winter tires! The law allows you to use all-season tires, but they won’t always give you maximum safety!

Winter tires
Changing winter tires: here’s what you need to know in order not to incur heavy penalties – Motori.News

If you do not need to fit winter tires, the law states that you must still have snow chains inside your car. This could be a sensible move if you use the car occasionally or for short distances in the city.

In all other cases, however, it will be mandatory to fit winter tires in the period between November 15, 2022 and April 15, 2023! For some years now, the deadline for changing tires has been postponed from 15 October to 15 November. You will, therefore, still have over a month to get yourself in good standing, in order to face the coldest season in the best possible way!

Salty fines for those who do not comply!

Getting into the car with non-compliant tires or without chains on board will incur heavy penalties and different according to the various cases. In fact, if you are stopped by the Traffic Police without the proper tires you risk a fine that goes from 41 euros to 168 euros in urban centers and from 84 euros to 355 euros outside the city!

But that’s not all. Indeed, if you cause a traffic accident on board a car without tires in accordance with the law, you risk incurring a fine of 1734 euros and the withdrawal of the registration document! Get in good standing now and NEVER get caught unprepared!

Winter tires change
Change winter tires – Motori.News