The secret function of the glove compartment, basically there is one thing you do not imagine

The glove compartment has a secret function that not many know about, because after the purchase of the vehicle, very few people read the instruction booklet.

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It is generally believed to know every little secret about cars, but in reality this is not the case also because they are not all the same.

The glove compartment hides a secret that makes the difference. We all use it for keep small items, when you get out of the car. The car registration document and important documents are also kept inside. In reality its function is not only this, but also another certainly more important that has to do with the summer and beyond.

How to understand what is the functionality of the glove compartment of your car

When the temperatures become high and people travel frequently, the glove compartment is useful as a refrigerator. Obviously not all of them, because there are some modern cars that have this feature and others that don’t. To understand if they have this feature, the first thing to do is to try to find out if it has a backlight. Just look inside the compartment and that’s it.

In the event that the glove compartment is to serve as a refrigerator, there should be a switch inside it with the snow symbol printed on it. In this case, it is not difficult to understand that the glove compartment is used to refrigerate food and drinks, to keep medicines cool even for several hours. Usually a few cans or even a large bottle of water can fit inside the compartment.


How the coolant glove box works

Here we wonder how the glove compartment a refrigerate drinks or food such as a refrigerator. The solution is simple, this works thanks to the air conditioner which also works by cooling the compartment, with the fresh air that circulates inside the vehicle.

This can be considered a superfluous function, in reality it is not at all because it solves an important problem. Many storage compartments have been patented to reach temperatures even below -24 °, they are able to keep the temperature constant, without dispersion for hours, without affecting the operation of the vehicle battery. Furthermore. it is not necessary to keep the vehicle running, because the glove compartment it works even with the engine off.

Those who have always traveled with a travel refrigerator, will now no longer be forced to do so, occupying a place under the seat, on top of, or inside the trunk, because the ad hoc solution will be at hand.

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