GM Commissioned to Develop Ultium Platform For Various Military Vehicles

The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), a Department of Defense organization that is accelerating the adoption of commercial technology across the U.S. military, is seeking advanced battery technology that can be used for a variety of tactical military vehicles. Required? It has to be measurable, for obvious reasons.

General Motors only has it in the form of the Ultium platform. Accordingly, DIU has selected GM Defense, a subsidiary of the American automaker focused on products for military use, to develop a prototype battery pack for testing and analysis on the Department of Defense platform.

The Ultium platform is GM’s most advanced battery technology. Specifically, it is a combined electric vehicle battery architecture and propulsion system that can deliver power and range beyond previous hybrid or long-range EV technologies. More importantly, it is modular and scalable, using different chemicals and cell form factors. It can also be adapted to the ever-changing technology updates as they become available.

Several GM consumer vehicles have used the Ultium platform, such as the GMC Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyric, as well as the recently introduced Chevy Blazer EV and the first-ever Equinox EV. This provides GM with the experience gained in commercial applications of its Ultium platform – and implements and/or further develops it for military use.

“Commercial battery electric technology continues to evolve. GM Defense offers a unique advantage with our ability to leverage proven commercial capabilities and GM’s billions of investments in electric vehicles and autonomous vehicle technology to help provide our customers with the most advanced commercial capabilities. the market can offer,” said Steve duMont, president of GM Defense.

If you recall, the United States Army selected GM Defense to supply the military with the GMC Hummer EV in July. That’s for analysis and demonstration, with military organizations evaluating electric models as part of requirements to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The DIU option recently connected with it.

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