“A world champion without a bike, a shock!” The slap in the MotoGP

Remy Gardner, Moto2 champion but not enough for a second MotoGP year. The sacrificial victim of a mad market.

Gardner, sad goodbye to MotoGP – MotoriNews

The grid MotoGP for the next world season is now complete. There were several surprises, above all some brand changes that caused quite a stir. How Alex Marquez who leaves Honda to marry in Ducati, or Jack Miller that leaves the Red for KTM. Or the Austrian brand that loses one of his pupils, Miguel Oliveira, headed to Aprilia (all the names here). But the next luxury absentee also makes noise, Remy Gardnerforced to migrate to Superbike to have a saddle. The solidarity came from his box mate and greatest rival of the last two years.

Crazy MotoGP market

The future is decided more and more quickly, unleashing a frenzied race that also distracts the drivers themselves. However, he gave the go-ahead Ducatiwho announced the renewal of Pecco Bagnaia when the 2022 MotoGP season was not not even started! Later it was a real one jungle, a duel for a place that certainly did not help in terms of concentration. As mentioned, there was no lack of twistsbut on all the fact that a new world champion, in his first year in MotoGP, was forced to change championship in order not to remain on foot. Remy GardnerMoto2 World Champion 2021, recently announced the signing with GRT Yamaha to make his debut in the World Championship Superbike. Not exactly the great hope of the family tradition after having finally managed to emerge, thus leaving the difficult years behind.

“It’s a shock!”

A show of solidarity came from Raul Fernandez. None other than Gardner’s box mate, as well as his biggest rival in Moto2. The Spaniard will remain in MotoGP, hired by RNF Apriliawhile the Australian colleague will have to migrate elsewhere. “I feel really bad for him, for his situation” Fernandez pointed out to motorbikemag.es. “Many times I put myself in his shoes. He is a rider who has won races, that won a title, therefore the maximum. A world champion who does not have a motorcycle, it’s a shock! I feel really bad for him. I don’t wish that to anyone, let alone Remy. “ But there is no lack of wishes for the best in the new adventure. “He will discover a beautiful stage. He will be happy, he will have fun, will show who he is and will win. “ The demonstration of a relationship that sees them as adversaries only on the track. But it is strange that a world champion was the sacrificial victim of a “crazy market“In MotoGP …

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