Biden To Restore California Waiver For Setting Vehicle Emission Laws


California will soon become the driving force behind America’s emissions laws after a brief hiatus during the Trump administration. According to a recent New York Times article, the Biden Administration is working to enforce stricter exhaust emission regulations on larger commercial vehicles. This new policy shift was mirrored after the truck pollution law was enacted by the state of California. This change re-establishes California as a leader in American emission regulation legislation.

As the political landscape continues to rotate, so will America’s focus on combustion vehicle emissions. In the passenger vehicle market, regulations continue to limit gasoline engine manufacturers as the journey to electrification continues. For large commercial vehicle manufacturers, things are a little different.

The California waiver was first introduced in 2009 by Barack Obama and allowed California to set emission regulations for the entire United States. This means that California’s stricter emissions targets are a national initiative. The Biden administration is seeking to restore this waiver and has initiated legal proceedings to revoke the Trump administration’s job that removed it.

The Biden Administration’s decision to match California’s emissions regulations for larger commercial vehicles is the first time these regulations have shifted since 2001. Over the past 21 years, our world has changed drastically and so has the technology around cleaner, more efficient combustion engines.

This massive shift in regulation won’t be easy, but it’s important to crack down on the biggest polluters on the roads. Some have criticized this decision on the grounds of increased costs for small business owners and we hope this political discourse will continue until the end of time.


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