Car key, never put them in this place: they take them away from you right away

All cars have spare keys that save life when the main ones are not found or are lost in any place.

spare keys

Generally these are left inside the vehicle in such a way as to always have them at hand and solve the problem immediately without asking anyone for help.

There and then it would seem to be a fabulous solution, in reality this is a glaring mistake because for thieves, it is certainly the most convenient and quick which allows you to steal your car in minutes using your car keys directly. For this reason it is advisable to choose another place that only those directly concerned and the family should know.

The data is worrying, many cars have been stolen using their own spare car keys

According to research conducted in a fairly recent period from 2019 to today, more than 150,000 cars have been stolen, deducted simply by using spare car keys. without having to break the car, cut threads and attract prying eyes.

This happens because the owners of cars of any type, modern, dated, small or large, they hide the keys in almost obvious, obvious places, exposed to everyone’s eye.

Most of the car keys are hidden for example under the car mat. There are those who leave them inside the dashboard, inside the sun visors, under the seats or in the pockets of both the front and rear doors. There is nothing more wrong. If a common thief should somehow get into the car, perhaps by simply asking for a ride in a few minutes he would be able to appropriate the keys. These are the places anyone would go rummaging.

So if you keep the car keys at these points of the car change your habits as quickly as you can by finding an alternative place. Then, install a Theft Protection that can make you sleep peacefully. Car thieves often operate at night. So being that the vehicle cannot be kept under control at any time it is good to provide by installing a security system valid that it draws attention in seconds by prompting the thieves to leave quickly.


Tips for safeguarding your car

When you walk away from the car, even if for a few seconds it is always better to close all the windowsi until the end, to prevent someone, expert, somehow able to open the door and steal the car or whatever else is inside it.

An additional valid advice is to avoid leaving objects even if of little value, which are visible from the outside. It also refers to the coins that are generally left inside the purse for the shopping cart.

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