Pedal light, if you see it on you start worrying: this could be it

Sometimes while driving the car, it happens to find lights on of which very little or nothing is known. Obviously, the situation warns, it is good to know more and understand what should be done and what not.

pedal light
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Who he has little knowledge of the automotive sector he can’t even tell the difference between one spy and another.

There are cars that are particularly simple to drive, which they work by leveraging intuition and others that become a problem because they must be deciphered at any time.

The car warning lights to watch out for at any time while driving

Particularly we refer to Audi and Volkswagenwhich have warning lights that indicate anything, any failure, small malfunction that would not even require much attention.

On both types of cars, for example, lights come on to remind you that it is time to press the brake or the clutch to start the car and go. Therefore, according to the pedal to be pressed, a light of one color or another appears, the light can be for example yellow or green.

As for the clutch pedal light, the warning light usually appears only when the engine needs to be started. Once done, the light should go out. At this point, the car can be started and moved.

Then there is also the brake warning light which is green, the previous one is yellow. Lthe brake warning light comes on for a few seconds, after starting the engine and reminds the driver that you have to press the brake pedal to exit park mode. Once out of the parking lot, you can leave.

What to do if the brake or clutch pedal light does not go out

Whether when you turn on the car or you are already on the roadthe clutch pedal light comes on suddenly, or the clutch pedal never goes out, even though the engine has started, then there is certainly something wrong.

In the event that the warning lights, both for the first warning light and for the second, do not go out, it is obvious that there is a problem with either the clutch or the brakes, which must be kept under control and resolved quickly.

Typically it is a software problem, so it is advisable to contact a professional to try to understand what could be the cause and intervene in time. Whatever the problem, however, certified technicians are able to recognize it and take action.

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