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Do you need to buy a car urgently? Know that in the second-hand market you will be able to make incredible deals thanks to a particular bonus! What are we talking about? Here are all the details on this method that will save you a lot of money!

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New car – Motori.News

We are experiencing a period of incredible price increases in every sector. International instability has also caused an exaggerated rise in prices for foodstuffs and bills. An increasingly unsustainable situation for millions of Italiansall of whom are spasmodic research of ways to save as much as possible in every area.

In a similar situation and in this particular historical moment, even thinking about buying a new car becomes almost madness for many people! So how to buy a car in case of need? In the second-hand market – as always – it will be possible to do real business. Just sniff out the opportunity and catapult yourself as soon as possible!

But there are not always affordable offers or people willing to ‘sacrifice’ their car at a clear price. Thinking of buying a used car that is kept in good condition could be a really wise choice, weighing much less on the family budget!

For the purchase of a used car there is a particular bonus made available for a specific category. What is it about? How much is the bonus? Who will be able to receive it? Here are all the details about it!

Used car bonus: here’s everything you need to know and who can get it!

One of the bonuses that have emerged in recent months refers to the purchase of a new electric car. In fact, it will be possible to receive up to 7500 euros of incentives on the purchase of a zero-emission car with the scrapping of your previous car! But the costs on the electricity market are still very high and few people can afford such a purchase!

Used car bonus
Used car bonus: here is who can receive it and how much they will get – Motori.News

In addition, there is also a retrofit bonus, which allows you to replace the engine of your car with an electric one. In fact, it will be possible to receive up to 3500 euros reimbursement of expenses for the replacing a diesel or petrol engine with a new generation one! But is that all? Absolutely no! As anticipated, in fact, there is also a valuable bonus for the purchase of a used car! Let’s see everything in detail!

For what concern used car market, a particular category of people can receive a significant bonus. We refer to facilitation for anyone with a disability. The bonus also applies to anyone who has a disabled family member in their home. What facilitation are we talking about?

Used car
Used car: here’s how to pay little – Motori.News

There law 104 provides a strong tax deduction for anyone who decides to buy a used car and falls into the categories mentioned above. Indeed, it will be possible to have a 19% personal income tax deduction, but not only. In addition to this facility, lthe user will also be exempted from paying the stamp duty! Furthermore, it is important to know that the maximum limit regarding the personal income tax deduction is 18,075.99 euros.

To receive this bonus, it is essential that the disabled is fiscally charged of the person who takes care of it permanently and constantly.

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