MotoGP, Alex Marquez’s outburst: “It was mentally difficult”

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Alex Marquez can’t wait to close the Honda chapter to jump on the Gresini team’s Ducati GP22 in the Valencia test.

Alex Marquez (Ansa)
Alex Marquez – Motori.News

The streets of Marc Marquez and his brother Alex will split at the end of this MotoGP championship, but only professionally speaking. Because the Cervera duo continues to live together under the same roof, even after the need to move to Madrid by their elder brother, who must follow a long period of rehabilitation to restore the right arm to its old glories.

But from the 2023 season Alex Marquez he will leave Honda after three years together, one in the factory team in his debut year, two in the LCR Honda satellite team. Only two podiums on the RC213V, in the 2020 season, when he had time to share the same box with his brother only in the first race of his debut in Jerez, where Marc has remedied that terrible injury that still drags on today.

Alex Marquez and the Ducati desire

Alex Marquez with Nadia Padovani Gresini – MotoriNews

It has been three complicated years for the two-time world champion in Moto3 and Moto2, so much so that he has to focus on another brand to relaunch himself. It was perhaps the last operation of his former manager Emilio Alzamorawhich has put on the table a two-year contract with Gresini Racing, where he will have one Ducati Desmosedici GP22 with the latest specifications of 2022. He has too much desire to relaunch himself and return to being the talent that triumphed in the lower classes. “I think I have that potential“He told DAZN. “It is a bike that wins races, a bike that stands in front, that adapts to many riding styles and many different riders“.

Unfortunately, a perfect understanding was never born with Honda, perhaps also due to aerodynamics, a sector on which HRC did not invest as much. “Aprilia and Ducati are a step above“, Continued the driver of the LCR team. “Many times it seems that I don’t know how to ride the bike and I can only do what the bike does. It was mentally very difficult“. The agony is about to end, it will be the last three races with the Japanese manufacturer, in Valencia he will ride the GP22 in the Valencia test.

The goal is to rediscover the pleasure of driving one MotoGPthe results will come by themselves: “My dream is to win the world title in the premier class, as I’ve always said. I also said it in 2015, when I was in Moto2 and I suffered after being champion in Moto3. People said it wasn’t possible – concluded Alex Marquez -. And in the end I succeeded“.