If you see a red dot on the rearview mirror don’t turn around, they want to do this to you

When you are on the road in your car, the rear-view mirror must never be out of sight, it must always remain under control to be able to handle any problem at any time.

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From the rearview mirror is in fact it is possible to study all the details and realize if there is something wrong, in time.

Perhaps also due to the crisis, but not only, scams have increased over the last few years, perhaps even tripled. Anyone looking for the best way to make money. For this reason, you have to keep up to date to find out if whoever is behind their car has a bad intention or not.

The rearview mirror scam, here’s what to do

Not everyone knows for example the rearview mirror scam. The first thing to do is check if the car behind us, always travels the same roads even changing direction several times in a few meters. If you have this doubt, it is advisable to remain calm as much as possible and not get overwhelmed by anxiety unnecessarily.

Then to make sure it’s as you think, take a detour, perhaps choosing a path that not everyone takes if not for a very specific reason. Or for example, turn right four times and then always end up on the same road. Or again, if you are on the highway, exit and then re-enter. If it is an attacker, qhis will do the same maneuvers and then it will be the case to go to a police station.

What you should never do is get out of the car, not even once you get to the police. In this case, it is advisable to signal the officers to be accompanied inside the barracks in total safety.

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The dot on the rearview mirror is a scam: never get out of the car

If the police station is far away, never take roads where there is no traffic, always prefer very busy streets but above all if you should notice a dot in the rearview mirror, pretend nothing has happened.

In this case, it is advisable to keep your attention on the road, however difficult it may be to do so and behave as always by continuing to drive without taking your attention away from the car behind. In the meantime, without letting the thug notice anything, take the cell phone, call the police and report the incident. What is important is to report every detail on the person who is driving the other vehicle, on the car, therefore the license plate and model of the car. Any information that can be helpful must be communicated.

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