Why do so many hang a sachet on the rearview mirror? Very useful

It will have happened at least once in your life to see cars with an envelope hanging from the rear-view mirror on the driver’s side circulating on the motorway or inside the country.

bag on the rearview mirror
bag on the rearview mirror-Motori.news

Many wonder what the reason is, in reality it is not difficult to understand, you can arrive at the answer simply by following your intuition. Whoever does it is not crazy but has a very specific reason.

Probably inside that envelope there are things which is better to keep away from the passenger compartment for several reasons.

The hobby of fishing and the bag out the window, that’s what the two habits have in common

Those who have the hobby of fishing and therefore frequent rivers, lakes or the sea, but do not have a suitable car, he goes there with the same car with which he goes out with the family to go for a walk, to go to work or to take the children to school. It is certainly not the best of hygiene because it somehow brings the dirt inside.

Introducing inside the machine, bait and who knows what else smelly, is not recommended. That’s why we come to the gimmick of the envelope hanging out the windowon the driver’s side rear-view mirror.

Rearview mirror-Motori.news

The bag hanging on the side rearview mirror is just a clever gimmick to keep the car clean

The solution of the bag hanging outside the window, hooked around the mirror is in fact the only one that can be adopted to prevent worms or animals of any kind from entering the passenger compartment. they would end up infesting the car. The worms and everything that is useful for fishing in fact, they might somehow attract insects or flies which then it is difficult to get out of the car. Better to avoid.

Then, there are also those who have the habit of eating in the car, while driving, even if it is against the law, hardly throws the garbage inside, because it drips, dirties and causes the car to stink within a short time. So both men and women hang the famous bag outside and use it as a garbage basket, being careful not to fill it too much because it could also get a hole in it and let out all the contents going to pollute nature.

It is certainly not an explosive device that is kept out of the car at hand as the most imaginative and conspiracy theorists may have thought. As well as it’s not even a trash bag, which the vehicle owner intends to get rid of away from prying eyes as soon as he turns the corner. It is simply a preventive gesture for cleaning and hygiene.

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