Flat tire on the highway, what you absolutely must NOT do in order not to get a fine

Flat tire, if it happens on the motorway it becomes a real problem.

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Generally when it happens on any road, this inconvenience causes discomfort but it is easily solved.

On the highway it is different because the rules to follow are different and you have to know them for do not make mistakes, serious or less serious, which can have consequences for oneself and for others.

What to do when you have a flat tire

It happens to find a flat tire and not know what to do, at the moment you are totally in a panic because any solution seems to be wrong. Then slowly, acquiring lucidityeverything returns to its place.

If we become aware of the flat tire while the car is parked in the garage, in the parking lot of the condominium or on the street, inside the city, just arm yourself with a lot of patience and try to replace it. If you fail, she asks for help. However this is not a major inconvenience, as it takes very few minutes to resolve.

On the highway, on the other hand, it becomes very dangerous, both for those driving the damaged vehicle and for all other users, especially if you stay stuck in the middle of the lane where cars whiz by.

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The laws established to regulate the breakdown of a car on the highway

In these cases, the law intervenes that establishes very specific rules. The first says that the car must only park either in the emergency lane or even better to the emergency parking area. Once stopped, with the engine off, we try to solve the situation.

The car stopped on the carriageway must be marked with the triangle placed 50 meters from the car. The rule applies both day and night. The fine varies between € 42.00 and € 173.00 and is valid for all those who do not respect the laws.

In addition, the stop on the motorway has a very specific time limit, beyond which, I am not going. It can last a maximum of 3 hours. You can solve the problem yourself or by contacting the assistance service, which is sometimes also provided by the insurance companies. Anyone who does not respect the set time limit risks a hefty fine ranging from € 431.00 to € 1,734.00.

The rules are there and have been imposed for the user safety who travel daily for study, for work, in short for the protection of users who circulate on all roads. So it is good to respect them if you do not want to endanger your own life and that of others or if you do not want to pay a more than high fine in a period that is already quite difficult.

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