Stool in car mats, the method to get rid of bad smell right away

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It will have happened to all of us, at least once in our life, to crush a dog’s feces before getting into the car, without noticing. You realize what happened only after placing your shoes on the car mats, because at that point it is avoidable to smell them.

I did in the car
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Clean the car mats it is essential to ensure hygiene and cleanliness inside the cockpit, always. Then of course especially when accidents of this type occur and the mats become very dirty.

Generally speaking these mats are dirty because above there are billions of bacteria, any kind of dirt that we carry inside with our shoes. Not only dust is trapped in the sole of shoes, but also earth, mud, faeces and much more.

Cleaning the car mats is essential for hygiene, cleanliness and health

As absurd or trivial as it may seem, a dirty car can also be a health threat of those who travel inside. The solution that we all find is to take the car to the car wash and have it washed inside and outside by those who carry out this job.

But if you do not want to spend money and you cannot always resort to the help of the washing machine, what can you do? There are methods that allow you to clean the car mats very well directly in your own home, without spending who knows what amounts and without the need to waste too much time.

The first thing to do is to open the doors and remove the mats, then you have to go over the vacuum cleaner eliminating all residues. Then they hit a wall or simply on the floor, in this way all the dirt that gets stuck between the fibers falls. If you have a scraper you can use the one for dirt that is impossible to remove.


Washing and drying, useful tips

At this point we move on to the second phase, namely washing. So, we use a pump for have a strong stream of water, then pour over the laundry detergent, with the addition of a little baking soda. Together they not only clean car mats, but also disinfect them. Finally, we move on to rinsing, once finished they are dried by exposing them to the sun for a few hours.

Alternatively, if you want or necessarily have to put it back in the car immediately they position themselves in front of the air conditioner and that’s it. Those who want to wash them in the washing machine, because they cannot proceed with the pump, can do it, inserting only two carpets at a time, washing them with laundry soap at 30 degrees.

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