MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo under attack: the drastic move that displaces the fans

Surprise move by Fabio Quartararo, goodbye to social media. Maximum concentration to launch the final attack.

Fabio Quartararo, one less distraction – MotoriNews

It is definitely not an easy time for Fabio Quartararo. The tranquility due towide advantage accumulated earlier is beginning to falter. In Thailand, after a problematic GP between rain and tire trouble, he definitely lost the safety margin. Now Pecco Bagnaiawith his very fast Ducati, is only two points away, while Aleix Espargaro it climbed back to -20. There are only 3 rounds left and the reigning MotoGP champion is in inferiority mechanical than rivals. Then there are also the attacks of the usual ‘keyboard lions‘, which never miss an opportunity to get noticed. Hence the decision drasticone less distraction.

Goodbye social

Those who followed Fabio Quartararo on Instagram will have suddenly noticed something. FabioQ20, the name chosen by Yamaha’s French, no longer corresponds to an account. What happened? Simple, the profile of the MotoGP champion was Closed. All this 48 hours after the disappointing 17th place reported at Buriram. Quartararo had not even wanted to face the journalists’ questions, such was thebitterness for a result very different from expectations. On a track on which he had shown himself competitive, thus aiming to contain the extraordinary comeback put in place by the rivals in the league. Later Quartararo had entrusted his disappointment to its social channels, also showing the determination to bring out the claws in the next GPs. He had received so many messages from supportbut unfortunately, as always on social media, a lot of it had rained down on him criticisms. Hence the sudden move: his Instagram account now no longer exists.

Quartararo gathers his forces

“Cancel, train and prepare for Australia.” These were the words with which he concluded his message. Disappointed yes, but ready to attack again. Now he can no longer just aim to limit the damage, but he will have to to risk a little more. Pecco Bagnaia in particular gave birth to the total attack, recovering more than 90 points after the serious mistakes made in the first part of the season. There are still three rounds to go, Ducati and its top rider they believe iteven with questionable team games that have already caused some stomach ache in the satellite teams … Fabio Quartararo will have to grit his teeth, pull out the character and the talent he is amply equipped with, as well as squeezing his Yamaha M1 to the max. The challenge has started, no mistakes are allowed. Who will get the better of the two great contenders for the 2022 MotoGP crown?

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