Have you ever seen this car button? That’s what it’s really for

On all new generation cars, there is a button that especially the younger ones noticed because they know what it is and how to use it.

Key hidden in the car
Key hidden in the car – Motori.News

Instead the older or less modern, or those who are not familiar with technology, maybe notice it but they just don’t know what it is for.

Knowing it and knowing how to use it can help in many situations and solve any problem in seconds without sacrifice.

What is the use of the button that is usually found on the steering wheel of modern cars

It is a button that indicates the voice command present on the vehicle. This is one of the most useful commands especially in 2022 because allows you to communicate who is behind the wheel with the car and with the smartphone making everything easier and more practical.

If you press it, you will immediately hear a beep indicating that the voice command is active, then the system is listening. As soon as the command is activated, the car is able to receive commands and once the voice is recognized and understood, to carry out what has been requested.

What you have to do is speak only after hearing the beep, not while the system responds because at that moment the overlapping of the voices, the car is not able to receive any signal. While talking to the car, you must also limit any background noise, so it is good to close the windows, roof and doors to isolate the car as much as possible. L’the only thing the system has to hear and recognize is the driver’s voice.


How to use voice control by pressing just one button and using your voice

To stop the voice command you just need to press the button and then say ‘cancel’. The longer the pressure on the button is, the more the car quickly interrupts the execution of the command. In case of no answer, the system asks 3 times the same thing, if the user does not answer three times in a row, the command is interrupted in total autonomy.

To speed up everything you can press the button that is usually present on the steering wheel, in this way you can move on to the next command. Also thanks to this button, you can ask to call a number selected from the phonebookwithout having to pick up the mobile phone, because obviously the user is put in contact with cars and smartphones.

This system has been designed and developed to reduce distractions while driving. In this way, in fact, those behind the wheel do not need to pick up the mobile phone for send a message or to call, he can do it simply with his voice.

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