Driving license bonus € 2500, the new gift that makes Italians happy: what is it?

The long-awaited 2022 driver’s license bonus is approaching. It is a real gift for a specific category of motorists and an important step forward in the context of the concessions contained in the recently approved Milleproroghe decree. Let’s see better what it is.

Driving license bonus 2500 euros
License bonus 2500 euros – Motori.News

It’s finally official: the driving license bonus 2022one of the gems of the much vaunted decree Milleproroghe, is in the pipeline. The news was received with joy and relief by motorists, especially those belonging to certain categories of drivers affected by the aforementioned bonus.

Bonus 2022: here is all the information

The government is interested in reducing unemployment as much as possible, it does so by promoting training. In this case, the bonus provided for by the Milleproroghe decree is equal to 2,500 euros for obtaining the so-called special license.

Driving involves higher costs and responsibilities, regardless of the activity carried out on the road, from private citizens to truck drivers.

This ever-present ‘threat’, consisting of many expenses, taxes and expenses, puts the finances of many families under pressure. However, thanks to the recently promulgated Milleproroghe decree, it is now possible to take advantage of the 2022 driving license bonus, which facilitates certain categories of motorists.

This is a measure aimed at hauliersone of the sectors most affected by the pandemic and traffic congestion.

It is a vast and heterogeneous category that of their living on the road and in their car is not only a job, but also a reason for living.

Driving license – Motori.news

What this 2022 driving license bonus entails

The Bonus Patente 2022, son of the Milleproroghe decree launched by the Government, to cope with the pandemic and the economic crisis that has recently hit the world, (only in Italy youth unemployment reaches 50% in some regions), aims to improve skills of young people to help them find work.

This bonus will allow them to get one CQC qualification which will enable them to drive heavy vehicles and transport goods.

The requirements for obtaining a refund

It is particularly relevant for operators in the transport sector: this benefit is aimed at those who have less than 35 years old and plan to get these special licenses to work in freight.

These vehicles are used for the transport of goods or people and have nothing to do with a normal car or motorcycle license. The bonus only applies to this category and does not refer to any other category.

It is offered in the form of vouchers up to € 2,500 and 80% of the participation fee is refundable. The bonus can be requested only once and does not affect the calculation of the ISEE.

To achieve the goal of job creation, the bonus will be financed with 3.7 million euros for the current year alone and with 5.4 million euros from next year until 2026.

The fund is called, not surprisingly, “Driving license program for young drivers for road transport“.

Payments will run from 1 July 2022 to 31 December 2026 and will initially be aimed exclusively at those who do not yet have a real job, but are adequately qualified and looking for employment.

How to submit the application?

The procedures for submitting applications for reimbursement will be clarified by the implementing decree of the competent ministry. It has not yet been made public, but will be announced shortly from Minister of Infrastructure and of Sustainable mobility.

There will perhaps be an online platform to request a refund of up to 2,500 euros and the application form can only be submitted once per beneficiary.

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