Keep the high beams on for 7 seconds before entering the car: the unthinkable happens

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The high beams, strange as it may seem, can be used to start the car in difficult and uncomfortable circumstances, limiting damage.

Car high beams
High beam

Often motorists they experience driving as a moment of anxiety, panic and of great concern because they are afraid of being left on foot suddenly.

In fact, it can happen and often happens that the car decides not to start and to leave us even away from home. In this case, you do not know how to behave and what to do, but there is a trick, however, that can be useful on all occasions.

What to do when the car doesn’t start

If the car does not start or has difficulty starting, try to understand what the causes may be. In the first place there is the longevity of the mezzor, the older the machine, the more this could be the reason for a malfunction. In second place are the climatic conditions. If it is cold, the car may also struggle to start.

But do not worry because there is a trick that always works and it is that of the high beams. Their job is light the way in depth while driving the vehicle. The high beams are used in particular in dark streets, or in the suburbs where the lighting is there but it is poor. Instead, they must be switched off when another car arrives in front of you and switched on to signal dangers.

How to use the high beams to start the car quietly

Also, few people know but the high beams they can help us restart the car. The trick to restarting the car’s engine is very simple and can be practiced in many circumstances, particularly when the outside temperatures are very low.

Those who live in very cold places, for example, where temperatures drop below 10 degrees, by following simple, easy-to-use advice within anyone’s reach, can solve big problems without any effort. The first thing to do is avoid starting the machine as soon as you enter the passenger compartment. We have to wait a few seconds because otherwise the battery or the starter motor could be seriously damaged.

High beam –

In the event of frost, the high beams must be switched on for 5 seconds, to activate the current of the starting system slowly, without haste. So the engine will start without giving up anything in terms of safety and therefore avoiding damage and breakages, even important ones.

Due to the cold in the starting system, the right voltage is not created, so the battery works under load, without having the energy it needs available.

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