This man has only bought Fiat for 60 years: the reason is moving

There is a man in the world who has bought 55 cars in 60 years: all Fiat.

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An unusual case though the Casa del Lingotto has chosen to celebrate.

He is David Franklin and today he is defined and recognized in the world as a “record customer for Fiat”. He lives in Buckinghamshire, UK, is 84 years old and loves the cars of the famous Italian brand. For this reason, Fiat has chosen to celebrate him as the most loyal customer in the world.

Fiat has a loyal customer, who has recently picked up its 55th car of the brand

The man recently collected his New 500 Red, a powerful electric car full of options. His first car was a 500 belonging to the first generation, paid at the time 399 pounds.

Today the man is 84 years old, he has now driven almost all the models proposed by the Turin house and has always been fascinated by them. No car in the world has managed to give him the same driving emotions.

He bought the 500 Abarth, then the 1500, then the 850, including the Coupé version. Then he chose the cars of rare models, such as the 850 Idromatic or 130, 3.2-liter V6 engine. In total, in the course of his life aboard fiat cars he traveled about one million kilometers.

Loyal not only to Fiat cars, but also to petrol cars, this year he decided to call going towards zero-emission enginesfor this he decided to buy a beautiful 500 Red Edition.

The man worked for Fiat until 1974. Here are the cars he has bought in the last 50 years

But his love for the car manufacturer Italian does not end there. He is not only a loyal buyer because he also worked in Fiat until 1974. Although his career in the sector has come to an end for 50 years, he has never really moved away. The man recently stated “Fiat has never disappointed me, so I have not disappointed them“.

In his garage over the latest models mentioned there are also an almost historic Fiat Uno, then a Turbo version, a Fiat Panda, a Fiat Coupé Turbo, a Fiat Croma, a Fiat 500X, the inevitable Fiat Bravo and the Fiat Tipo. All cars which, moreover, have also passed into his hands during the production phase.

The family also had the 600, a 1500, the 2300 family, then the 124 family, the 127, the 128, 131, 132, the Marea. Then it also gave space to its cousins, the Lancia, the Dedra Turbo and the Thema Turbo.

According to him, among all these, the cars that have remained in his heart and that he prefers of all are the 850 Coupé and the Multipla. Now, of course, there is also space for the electric 500.

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