Rub a clove of garlic on the windshield and watch the result: incredible

Often motorists do strange things, for which it is difficult to understand the reason. Among all these particular habits, there is the rubbing a clove of garlic directly on the windshield of the car.

Garlic on the windshield
Garlic on the

Those who have never done it ask themselves why and what sense it makes, while those who have this habit he can no longer do without it and he is attracted to the idea of ​​passing it everywhere and in particular wherever there are small scratches or cracks.

It is impossible to believe it yet garlic is not an essential element only in the kitchen because it allows you to prepare good and tasty dishes, it can also be used away from pans, pots and dishes in general, for example in the car.

Here’s how to use garlic on your car windshield and why it’s recommended to do so

Garlic can be rubbed especially on the windshield or on the windows from the car, this can give a completely unexpected, exceptional result. All of uswe will have noticed that once cut, leaves a very sticky substance on the hands that hardly goes away even when we use dish or hand soap. After using it needs to scrub for a while for the sticky feeling to go away.

This happens because garlic contains sucrose which is a glue that can be used in a thousand ways, one among them for at least temporarily solve the problem of small cracks on the glass. It can be passed both on the mirrors we have at home and on those of the car, in both cases, it gives exceptional results. Who wants to try it must take a clove of garlic, then cut it in half lengthwise and pass it directly on the broken windshield. This will prevent the glass from continuing to break until there is a need to replace it immediately.

Among the many health benefits, garlic also becomes an excellent glue

Garlic has thousands of benefits, it can be used for fishing to attract fish or against colds or small pains located on any part of the body. Just put it down and keep it in close contact with the sore spot, this will take effect immediately.

It even manages to treat infections and cure acne. If you have high blood pressure, eating a small piece of garlic can see incredible results right away. Obviously the use of garlic on the car windshield is innovative and alternative but it does not solve the problem forever. So it is good to proceed with the definitive repair as soon as possible to avoid much greater damage.

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