€ 1 in the car door handle, the new trick of thieves to ruin you

If thieves really invent them all, they would do anything to bring home an interesting loot. The trick of the € 1 coin inserted into the car door handle is one of the latest tricks of the thugs.

1 euro in the handle
1 euro in the handle- Motori.news
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There are valid tricks for everything. That’s why you have to pay attention to everything before getting into the car or in any case before leaving.

A trivial coin inserted into the door handle it can be the cause of a theft or a scam.

The coin on the door handle, that’s what it’s for

On the door handle, a € 0.05 coin can be found stuck as well as a 0.50 or € 1. The malefactor inserts the coin into the handle of the car so when the victim is to throw it, the coin falls making a noise e attracting the attention of the man or woman in question.

What would we or do we all do? The first thing is to free your hands by placing the envelopes, the bag, the backpack everywhere, whether it is in the car or on the ground, and then look for that something that fell it gave the impression of being a coin that has fallen out of one’s walletfrom your pockets or purse right at that moment.

Unfortunately, while doing this, you fall into the cunning trap of the criminal, which is located nearby, well hidden so as not to be noticed in the least. This seeing the owner of the vehicle taken from the searches, take advantage of the moment of distraction and comes into play, then opens the front door, steals the car and drives away.

door handle – Motori.news

The police inform and warn everyone, here’s what to do

The victims particularly targeted by criminals are women because they fall into the trap more easily, instinctively they put their bag or what they are holding on the ground or on the seat without paying particular attention and that’s it. The police warn all motorists and inform that it is better to close the door if you want to waste time looking for something that has fallen on the ground or maybe get away from the vehicle even if for a few seconds.

The trick of the coin inserted in the handle of the caror alongside that of the plastic bottle which is instead placed between the wheel and the wheel arch. When the owner of the car starts the vehicle he notices a noise coming from the wheel, then he gets out of the car with the engine still running and consequently with the key inserted and goes to check what happens. In the meantime, the criminal takes advantage of the moment of distraction and gets into the car, takes off the handbrake and goes away without leaving a trace.

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