Put a teaspoon in the air conditioning nozzle, a lot of money saved

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The air conditioning inlet of a car must be properly cleaned periodically, to work well and not cause damage to the health of those who circulate on the vehicle.

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The air conditioner in the car is now essential because it allows us to cool off in the summer and warm up in winter when it is very cold, on dull days. As soon as the car is turned on, we turn on the air. Sometimes, however, it happens that a little stink comes out of the vents. Where is he from? Probably from the dirt encrusted inside them.

To avoid the formation and spread of bacteria, the air conditioning vents must be cleaned thoroughly. If the right maintenance is not done, the air conditioner, whether it is the car or the home one, becomes a real enemy capable of causing severe breathing problems introducing unhealthy air into the vehicle.

Maintenance every 6 months, such as cleaning the air conditioning vents

The air conditioning vents maintain the right temperature inside the vehicle and therefore also clean air. Maintenance should be done once every 6 months during the change of season, but if it is done often it doesn’t hurt neither to the system nor to those who use the car to move around also because it takes very little to clean the air conditioning vents.

Inside the unions, there is always a lot of dust and dirt of various kinds, anyone wondering how to clean them thoroughly. The solution is a simple steel teaspoon. This is used to push a kitchen cloth or sponge soaked in detergent or simply wet, inside the outlets. The cloth is wrapped around the spoon, then it slides inside the nozzles and rubs itself to remove all the dirt. Care must be taken to get it deep into the crevices.

Once this procedure is finished, to really clean the air conditioning vents of the machine, you can also spray a sanitizer on top. Same thing goes for the front and rear air conditioning vents.

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Sanitization of the air conditioning system

After cleaning is finished, there should be a good smell inside the cabin, fresh, clean and fragrant. If this is not the case and the passenger compartment still stinks, it would probably be necessary to replace the filters or even sanitize the entire air conditioning system.

Obviously this cannot be done at home, or in a DIY way, but it is necessary to contact a professional in the sector who will know how to do it. The solution to the stench that comes from air conditioning vents is certainly not some perfumer. These solutions are alternative and certainly not decisive.

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