2022 Audi RS3 Stable But Slightly Slow In Deer Tests

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The deer test doesn’t lie, and there’s no way to fake it. One might think that special performance vehicles have the advantage of complex high-speed maneuvers, but as we’ve seen before, that’s not always the case.

The latest deer test video from km77.com Audi RS3 features. The RS model is most definitely performance-oriented, and the 2022 RS3 is a gem with 401 horsepower driving all four wheels. It rides on a solid, tuned suspension, and this particular RS3 comes with an RS plus package that offers further upgrades, most notably an adjustable suspension and ceramic brakes. It grips the asphalt with Pirelli PZero tires which are actually slightly wider at the front for better handling balance. Overall, it looks like the RS3 should pass the deer test with no issues.

77 km/h (48 mph) was the target speed for the test, which mimics a series of emergency lane-change maneuvers. The Audi remained calm during several runs, but surprisingly, it couldn’t meet the benchmark speed. The RS3 puts out a best of 75 km/h (47 mph), which is certainly close but technically a below-average performance. It’s worth noting that this car was never difficult to set up, and the video mentions how flat and controlled it felt during testing. At higher speeds, it can’t get past the cone without cutting one or two.

RS3 fares better in advanced slalom tests. Even without using launch control, the driver quickly picks up speed and the car flows smoothly through the transitions. The result was a slalom time of 23.1 seconds, just behind the Polestar 1 as the second fastest time recorded for the km77.com test.

No explanation was given for Audi’s failure to reach the target speed for the deer test. The video shows a fair amount of understeer in the second lane change, but testers praised the RS3’s overall behavior regarding dynamics and safety, including how understeer is managed.

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