Adam Driver Gets Haircut, Becomes Enzo Ferrari For New Biopic

Adam Driver will play Enzo Ferrari in the upcoming biopic entitled Ferrari. Now, the first picture of the Academy Award-nominated actor playing il Commendatore. The film is supposed to premiere in 2023.

Based on Variation, Ferrari took place in the summer of 1957 when his company was struggling with possible bankruptcy. Plus, he has a strained relationship with his wife. Against this backdrop, automakers compete in the Mille Miglia.

Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898, meaning he was 58 or 59 years old when the story of this film unfolded. In comparison, Driver is currently 38 years old. Judging by these photos, the actor is not wearing any makeup or prosthetics so he looks older on screen. The driver also seems lighter than the real-world Enzo at this point in the executive’s life.

This is not the first time Driver has played an Italian business figure. In 2021, She starred opposite Lady Gaga in Gucci house about famous fashion labels.

Apart from Driver, Ferrari has a strong cast. Penelope Cruz is Enzo’s wife, Laura Ferrari. Shailene Woodley is Lina Lardi’s lover. Real-world racer Patrick Dempsey plays racer Piero Taruffi.

There are impressive people behind the camera too. Michael Mann, famous for Hot and Guarantee, is directing. Academy Award winner Erik Messerschmidt is director of photography. Editor Pietro Scalia won an Oscar for his work in JFK and Black Hawk Down. The script is an adaptation of Brock Yates’ book Enzo Ferrari – Man and Machine.

There is a great story to tell about the 1957 Mille Miglia. Alfonso de Portago had a fatal accident that resulted in the death and injury of spectators. The incident was so bad that the Italian government prohibit motorcycle racing on public roads.

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