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Theoretically, the tenth film at Universal Studios’ Fast and furious franchise will be the last. Yeah, don’t believe that. As long as Vin Diesel is healthy and these things are profitable, Universal will continue to produce them. If putting Fiero into space wasn’t all that absurd for The Fast and the Furious, nothing would kill the franchise.

That fact leads to this episode Car and Driver Very strange Window Shop. The challenge this time was to find a car to be included in the next F&F movie. Or 30th or 100th.

Join the Zoom-addicted gang as they propose an attractive or stupid car (or both) to feature in a series about a street racer who stole a VCR in the first film, and is now a superhero who cannot be harmed by mere physics.

Leading the event is editor-in-chief Tony Quiroga who also sets the rules, challenges and budget. And who, despite those advantages, rarely wins. He is joined by executive editor KC Colwell who has a beard, senior editor Elana Scherr who has the best nails, most liked contributor Jonathon Ramsay who is somewhat cuddly, and senior Road & Track editor John Pearley Huffman who won’t walk away. .

There is a budget. There’s a car. Got time to explode? Blow in this way.

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