Pecco Bagnaia, evening show on TV … in the name of Valentino Rossi

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Pecco Bagnaia appeared on Rai2 in Alessandro Cattelan’s show, where he talked about Fabio Quartararo, Valentino Rossi and more.

Pecco Bagnaia (Ansa)
Pecco Bagnaia – Motori.News

Pecco Bagnaia did not win either in Motegi or in Thailand, but returned from the Asian tour as a conqueror. The “zero” collected by Fabio Quartararo at Buriram has cleared the MotoGP world championship and in the last three races it will be a new mini-world championship, with the two rivals divided by just two points in the standings. Fifteen years later Ducati cherishes the dream of getting its hands on the world title again and the next stop will be in Australia, where Casey Stoner will take the place of the owner.

Before flying again for the 18th round of the 2022 World Cup, Pecco Bagnaia flew from Thailand to Italy, stopping off in Turin and then in the Rai TV studios, where he took part in the show on Wednesday evening “Cattelan is there tonight“. Various topics were addressed, starting with his opponent Quartararo with whom he will fight until the end for the world title. The relationship between the two is diplomatically correct, so much so that many fans do not like this harmony in force in the MotoGP paddock. “There is great respect, which is the most important thing. We have really known each other for many years“.

Pecco Bagnaia in the name of Valentino Rossi

Pecco Bagnaia (Ansa)
Pecco Bagnaia – Motori.News

Between Pecco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartararo there were 91 points behind the summer break, now the gap has almost disappeared. The Turin of the Lenovo Ducati team he won six races, the French half, but was more consistent in the first part of the championship. “I think he’s very good because I think he has a less competitive bike than ours“, Pecco admitted. From the next round every point, every mistake will prove fatal, it will be a war of nerves as well as of speed.

Bagnaia can count on a large group of brand colleagues who, especially in Valencia, when he will be the only rider still arithmetically in the running for the World Championship, say they are ready to support the Ducati cause. Also in the last round at Ricardo Tormo there will also be his great teacher Valentino Rossi, team owner of the Mooney VR46 Racing Team and head of the VR46 Academy.

A victory by Pecco Bagnaia would also be a great result for the Tavullia group that has been working for a decade to grow the champions of the future. Too bad he wasn’t able to fight him when he was at the top of his level, but he still had the honor of challenging him in the last years of his career, until 2022. “Valentino was the greatest of all, he is off the scale, no one will ever be like him … But it is also true that no Italian has won the MotoGP title since 2009“.

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