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The cost of fuel has reached levels far higher than in the period before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. How to save? There is a € 200 bonus which could make the situation slightly better! Here’s who is eligible and what to do to get it!

Petrol bonus
Petrol bonus – Motori.News

The price of gasoline and diesel it shows no sign of diminishing in a noticeable way. The price per liter of fuel has dropped a bit compared to the incredible surge of the previous months, but still stands at very high levels. To come to the aid of the millions of Italians in difficulty due to increases in every sector, the government has decided to further extend the cut in excise duties on the price of petrol and diesel.

The previous extension on the cut in excise duties would have expired on October 17, but it is news of the last few hours that this measure has been extended by another two weeks. At least until October 31st, therefore, Italians will not pay excise duties on fuel at each refueling!

How much do you save by cutting excise duties? Really a lot, since Italians will pay about 30 cents less per liter for petrol and diesel. In fact, the measure also takes into account the savings on VAT! for methane, on the other hand, the savings are about 10 cents per liter!

Bonus gasoline
Petrol bonus – Motori.News

Given the total uncertainty inherent in the price of oil, due to international instability, in all likelihood, the extension on the cut in excise duties will also be made in November. At the moment, however, the deadline is set for October 31st! And what do we know about the € 200 petrol bonus? Here is who it is and how to receive it!

Petrol bonus: here’s who can save up to € 200 in fuel!

But the cut in excise duties is not the only measure implemented by the government in recent months to meet the needs of millions of Italians! Indeed, the Aid Decree also provides for another concession in the form of a petrol bonus. But what is there to know about this measure? Who is entitled to the € 200 voucher on diesel and petrol? Here are all the details about it!

Petrol bonus
Fuel bonus of 200 euros: this is who can receive it – Motori.News

In fact, in article 2 of the Ukraine Bis Decree, this voucher can be used to refuel your car. But the measure is not valid for everyone, but only for a particular category of people. First of all, it is good to say how Fr.In order to receive this bonus, no particular limits relating to income or other requirements are indispensable!

The bonus is intended for employees of all private companies! But the relief is not automatic. In fact, the worker will not have to submit any application or request for obtaining the bonus. The private company will decide whether or not to grant the € 200 bonus to its worker!

Basically, it is a sort of corporate welfare. For the whole of the year 2022, this bonus will not be subject to taxes, since it will generate income! There are many companies that have come to meet their workers, granting them this bonus! So what to do? You will not have to do anything, but the company will ‘offer’ this concession!

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