Highway Bonus, the maxi reimbursement of the toll booth arrives: endless joy

In recent weeks, an incredible news has arrived that has given important joys to those who travel often. This is the motorway bonus, long-awaited by all those who travel on the motorway paying tolls on tolls to go on vacation or to move daily for work or other reasons.

Highway bonus
Highway bonus – Motori.News

The choice of the highway is common to everyone, that’s the reason why the highways are very busy in the summeras well as during the winter.

480 toll booths are present throughout Italy and each of these every day welcomes a vast pool of users. The published data help us to clarify how important motorways are in Italy.

Most users choose the highways because they are smooth and allow you to reach your destination within a short time, avoiding queues, intersections and inconveniences of any kind. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and when you arrive late it is not only a problem but also a source of anger.

Highway bonus, here’s how it works

The motorway bonus is certainly useful for users in financial difficulty, who find themselves forced to having to take the highway in the belief that they can somehow save. In fact, in the last period the possibility of reimbursement of the toll paid on the motorway. It is certain that it is not a question of who knows what figures, but every small step forward is an absolutely positive sign of growth.

Those who arrive late for work or miss the train, plane, etc., due to inconveniences on the motorway caused for example due to work sites or other, can request the refund through the appropriate app, Free to X. The more late you are, the higher the amount you can request for a refund. But be careful, because scams have also arrived since the motorway bonus arrived, so checks have also increased.

bonus motorways-Motori.news

The criticisms leveled by consumer associations

As for how to get the refund, there is an application to submit. This is exactly what consumer associations have begun to talk about who have been protesting for months for too many delays caused by construction sites.

The common protest has to do with the carrying out of the works in periods when the highways are particularly crowded. Another criticism has to do with the delays in the works, this is aimed at construction sites that go on for months, even though they are works that they could be completed in a few weeks.

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