50% discounts on auto insurance, unbelievable but true: guaranteed savings

Maintaining a car as we know has a very high cost that not everyone can afford to deal with month by month.

Auto Insurance Discounts
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Buying the car already means facing a really high expense, which concerns not only the purchase itself, but also the deed, the passage, the road tax and finally the insurance which is a real one. sting for all Italian families.

Today, any family has found itself having to deal with the increases caused by the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. For this reason, no matter how wrong it may be, someone gives up paying the car tax, someone more courageous gives up paying insurance in the hope of never needing it.

Insurance and car tax, the sting coming for Italians

Apparently, however, in the last period the state has decided to meet families. providing them with a bonus to buy a new car. This is a € 7500 bonus which, however, at least for the moment is of little interest to Italians. Buying the car using the bonus is possible and easy too. But then the cars must be maintained and here nobody does anything to lighten the weight. So if you can avoid buying a car, no matter how much you can take advantage of the bonuses, it’s better.

Regarding the payment of the stamp duty, or the car ownership tax, with domiciliation on the current account, you are entitled to an interesting discount ranging from 15 to 20% and which varies according to the region in which you live. In some cases it is also possible to take advantage of the exemption from the stamp duty, for example for vintage cars, for disabled transport vehicles, or for electric cars.


Insurance discount, here’s how to get it

To these discounts and exemptions is added the insurance discount. There are several methods that allow you to save substantially on insurance. The first method to do this is to get well informed online, obviously paying attention to release the data and to pay, because the scam is always around the corner.

On the internet it is possible compare the prices of the various insurances, requesting a quote. The second trick is to choose black box insurance, which almost all insurance agencies now offer. Between advantages and disadvantages, the black box allows you to save from 10% to 60%. In addition, with this tool in the car, you avoid sudden braking and continuous acceleration that consume more fuel. In this way, driving is smoother, safer, more attentive and therefore responsible and you save 100% on both insurance and fuel consumption.

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