Car navigator prohibited, from now on you will no longer be able to use it: the fine will ruin you

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The navigator in the car is the salvation of many who travel for work or simply for fun, but who have no sense of direction and who rely on technology in order not to get lost or waste time.

Prohibition of the navigator
Prohibition of

In some cases, use the navigator, it can also be quite dangerous, both for your health and for your wallet. So you need to know when it’s time to take a look and when not, but above all do it correctly.

When driving any distractions should be eliminatedif you do not want to take a big risk to your health and those around you.

The navigator is the cause of many accidents, that’s why

The advance of technologyin this sense it does not help, indeed it is counterproductive, because due to the navigator or smartphone, whoever drives a vehicle is often inattentive. The many accidents, even fatal ones, that have occurred in recent years are clear and evident proof of this. Since the arrival of smartphones and navigators have been implemented in cars, the problem of road accidents has become a real inconvenience.

Many accidents, are caused by a smartphone slipping between your feet while driving, or glancing at the navigator at the wrong time. Even just a second of distraction can cause even fatal impacts.

Withdrawal of the license due to the use of the navigator

Those who use the navigator, at the wrong time, risk getting a € 700 fine. We agree that having a navigator is essential but respecting the law is also essential. In particular, theArticle 173, paragraph 2 of the Highway Code.

The article focuses on the use of the navigator in the car and everyone devices that can distract the driver. In particular, all those who take their hands off the wheel risk being severely punished because their hands cannot be removed from the wheel for any reason in the world, at any time. Just as you cannot take your eyes off the road even for a second.

In case of errors, the fine ranges from € 161 to € 646, depending on the seriousness of the case. These rules also apply when you are stopped at the stop, then at an intersection, or at a traffic light. Even if you are standing still, we must remain vigilant and ready to intervene at any time. If something happens while you are stopped at the intersection or at the traffic lights, you not only risk a fine, but also the deduction of points from the driving license or even the suspension of the driving license itself.