NEVER use the cable in the car again, what has been discovered: very dangerous

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Technology never stops and continues to make great strides, year after year. There are always some interesting news regarding car chargers, ready to change the life of those who travel. Here is the latest.

Car charger
Car charger

Those who are forced to travel even more hours a day, for work or pleasure, they find themselves having to face various kinds of inconveniences, such as an empty smartphone.

In this case you go in search of the usb cable and therefore of the car charger that never fails and causes many inconveniences. It is certainly true that it comes in handy when suddenly you find yourself with a totally discharged battery. But it is also true that it is super annoying to find the cable between your feet, that it gets entangled everywhere and which gives the impression of a totally neglected, messy, dirty and chaotic car.

The solution to the problem of an empty smartphone and hateful USB cables around the car

Those who use the smartphone in the car, even as a navigator, although they cannot do it, often remains with low battery, then he goes in search of the famous cable that hanging from any side often gets damaged and no longer works. In particular, the wires present internally are damaged.

But from now on probably the problem won’t be there because technology has made a big gift to all those who have been looking for the solution to the problem for a long time now. This is del Wireless car charger. There is not one valid for all phones, but one for each type and brand of smartphone. Few are adaptable.


Car charger, here’s how it works and how much it costs

The car charger in question, is able to charge the smartphone without having to connect any cables, using magnets that are positioned behind the device itself. Then, the smartphone is placed on the charging base which can be placed anywhere in the machine and the charging starts.

You just have to pay attention to how the device rests on the Charging Pad, because if it is not placed correctly, charging stops and therefore the device does not charge as it should. Wireless charging is a quick and easy, practical induction charging method. The pad by the way takes up very little spaceit allows us to so remove those obnoxious and annoying USB cables from the machine.

It can be left for example near the gearbox, under the handbrake, inside the dashboard to be pulled out only when needed. This device can be purchased online from virtually any site, there are chargers that cost € 20 and others that invest cost a little more. Everything varies according to the characteristics of the product.

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