€ 7,500 new car bonus, don’t miss this opportunity: apply now

The new measures taken with regard to car incentives were definitively disclosed in the Official Gazette. A real godsend for many Italians! Here are all the details on these benefits!

New car bonus
New car bonus – Motori.news

If you have an Isee income below a certain threshold, you can take advantage of the new bonuses made available by the Government to facilitate you when buying a new hybrid or electric car. All this shows how strongly we are thinking about the gradual transition from endothermic vehicles to those with low or zero emission of pollutants! But what are these incentives? How do they differ from the previous ones? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Compared to before, the amount allocated for these incentives just published in the Official Gazette rises by 50%. A really substantial amount, allocated to meet the needs of Italians in the purchase of new cars, but not only. In fact, price increases are making themselves felt in every sector and more and more people have to face unsustainable expenses.

But who will benefit from these new auto incentives? How much are the new bonuses planned? Here are all the details on this new measure adopted to encourage the purchase of new non-polluting vehicles! The savings will be guaranteed.

New car incentives: here’s everything you need to know about buying a non-polluting car

Those with an income not exceeding 30 thousand euros per year will be able to benefit from the new incentives for the acquisition of electric or hybrid cars. The incentives also apply to rental cars! This is what emerges from the new measures just published in the Official Gazette

Hybrid car incentives
The new incentives for the purchase of electric and hybrid cars: here are all the details – Motori.News

Bonuses can reach up to 7,000 and 500 euros for electric vehicles and up to 6,000 euros for plug-in hybrid cars! For the electric, 7,000 and 500 euros will be allocated with the scrapping of a previous vehicle, otherwise the bonus will stop at 6,000 euros. In this case, the vehicles must be type-approved with a Euro 6 class or higher and with emissions between 0 and 20 g / km CO2 (electric). Furthermore, the purchase price must not exceed 35 thousand euros excluding VAT.

For hybrid cars, on the other hand, the 6 thousand euro bonus will be obtained with the scrapping of another vehicle, otherwise it will stop at 3 thousand euro! In this case, the cars must be homologated with a Euro 6 class or higher and with emissions between 21 and 60 g / km CO2 (plug-in hybrid). Finally, the list price must be less than 45 thousand euros excluding VAT

Hybrid car incentives
New hybrid and electric car incentives – Motori.News

But that’s not all! In fact, in the Official Gazette you can also read about a “Contribution for the purchase of standard power infrastructures for the recharging of vehicles powered by electricity”. Basically, this contribution can even reach 80% if you want to install one or more charging points in a specific private structure

This incentive can only be used by one member of a family. These measures have been prepared to favor the electric and hybrid car market.

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