Opel has been hiding a secret in its cars for almost 20 years, very few people know

Since 2004, many Opel car models have been hiding a secret within them. What is it about? Perhaps not everyone is aware of the ‘mystery’ present in their car! Today we let you discover a detail that will surely leave you speechless! Here are all the details about it!

Opel easter egg
Opel easter egg – Motori.news

Several machines have features or accessories that are often completely unknown even to the individual owners of the vehicle. The many devices available and the development of technological dynamics have made some dynamics not always clear to everyone, especially to those who are less experienced with the world of engines! But do you know that several Opel cars have an incredible secret inside them? Here’s what you need to know!

In fact, not everyone is aware of a detail present in different Opel models, such as the Corsa, the Zafira, the Astra, the Insignia and many others. What is it about? Of a real ‘Easter Egg’, that means a hidden feature with surprise. This move is designed by various car manufacturers to entertain and intrigue their customers in ‘research’.

But which ‘Easter Egg’ is present in so many Opel models? Let’s go to the discovery of this mystery and see how it was thought many years ago!

Opel’s secret: discovering the surprise present on many car models!

The ‘Easter Egg’ present inside the Opel cars makes reference to the aquatic world and in particular to one of its ‘inhabitants’. We refer to sharks! In fact, in different points of your Opel vehicle you can find the stylized drawing of this famous inhabitant of the oceans! We are sure that after reading this, you will immediately go in search of the shark inside your Opel! But where can they be hidden?

Secret Opel
The secret of Opel machines – Motori.News

In every new Opel passenger compartment there may be one or two stylized sharks, hidden in the most absurd places! Usually, they can be drawn in the glove box, on the rubber panels, inside the door handles, at the base of the front cockpit or in many other mysterious places!

But how did this idea come about? And when? The German carmaker several years ago explained the origin of this ‘Easter Egg’ inside many of its cars: “It all started on a Sunday afternoon in 2004 when Opel designer Dietmar Finger was at home working on a project for the new Corsa. In particular, he was thinking of the unspectacular passenger glove box panel, which remains invisible most of the time. However, when the compartment is open, this panel must guarantee its stability, which happens thanks to the ribs integrated into the plastic surface ”.

Easter Egg
The mysterious shark-shaped ‘Easter Egg’ hidden inside Opel cars – Motori.News

The explanation for this crazy idea goes on like this: “Dietmar was in charge of designing these ribs, and that was exactly what he was doing when iThe son came up to him, took a look at the drawing and said ‘Dad, why don’t you make a shark?’ ‘Of course, why not?’ thought the designer, and gave the ribs the shape of a shark, thus giving birth to an idea and a passion. The next day he showed the shark to Niels Loeb, the Corsa’s chief designer at the time, who immediately embraced the idea. The shark in the drawer went into series production and that was how the success of the ‘Opel shark’ began “.

From that idea conceived almost for fun by the son of the Opel designer this idea was born, which has been handed down for almost 20 years on many models of the German car manufacturer!

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