BMW XM Pickup Rendering Renders Strangely Proportioned Road Truck

These days, it seems that term polarization keep popping up when talking about the new BMW. With its bronze trim, intricate front fascia and enormous proportions, the new XM certainly fits that definition. It’s a three-ton high-performance SUV, but it should probably be a pickup truck.

New renderings from X-Tomi Design offer a taste of how such a thing might look. And you know what? It’s not terrible. The full-size pickup truck has definitely evolved over the years, both in capability and outstanding design with its massive grille and chiseled surface. The BMW XM shares the same wheelbase as the company’s three-row X7 SUV, so it’s not small. And judging by the 70+ comments on our BMW XM debut post, most of them Motor1 readers don’t really like how it looks. That’s subtly too.

This render doesn’t change anything up front, but the bulky rear has definitely been omitted in favor of a rather basic pickup bed. The bronze trim is still on, and the front fascia remains as lively as ever. We’re all used to pickup trucks that are bigger than the original, and in the United States, they’re as popular as ever. Maybe that’s why this rendering is so interesting. As a large SUV, the XM seems to have few fans when it comes to styling. But does it look any better as a pickup truck?

It will definitely be a living carrier. The XM is the first standalone M vehicle since the M1, and that’s not an issue BMW takes lightly. There’s a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 under the hood that makes 483 horsepower, but that doesn’t work alone. It is a plug-in hybrid, featuring an electric motor integrated with the transmission for an additional 194 hp. In total, the XM makes 644 hp and 590 pound-feet of torque, and it claws at the ground with all-wheel drive. An upgraded Red Label edition due for release next year raises the stakes to 735 hp. That would make a mean pickup truck.

Of course, this is just a fictional fantasy flight, albeit an interesting one. Does the XM really look any better as a pickup truck? Let us know what you think in the comments, and see more BMW chats on Chatting About Cars broadcast.

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