Do you know what this sticker attached to the windshield is for? You have no idea how useful it is

In the car, even the most banal accessory can change your life, making it much simpler and less problematic. Even an adhesive can be useful in a thousand ways and in a thousand occasions and therefore make a difference.

Windshield sticker
Windshield sticker

There are accessories that sometimes they remain between the feet and annoycause inconvenience and chaos inside the passenger compartment, which, however, especially when facing long journeys, can be more than useful and even life-saving.

The accessories that must never be missing in the car to travel safely

Among the accessories that you cannot miss in the passenger compartment, there is the fire extinguisher which obviously takes up a lot of space, but which can save people’s lives. in case of sudden fires. Next comes the smartphone battery charging cable, which should actually be used as little as possible because it has recently been discovered, that damage the cell phone battery.

Obviously, if you remain on foot in an isolated place and you need an empty smartphone, even if it is dangerous for the battery itself, it is obvious that you choose to use the cable, in order to save yourself. Then, there is the first aid box which is not mandatory to keep in the car, but which can always be convenient in any way.

As well as the portable compressor instead allows you to inflate car tires or motorbike tires if you are left on foot due to a flat or flat tire. It must never be missing either the emergency startera, so as not to be afraid to remain on foot perhaps because of a forgotten light on for a few hours or for a night.

The essential accessory in the car, the adhesive document holder

One of the accessories that not everyone knows it is a sticker that is attached to the windshield and which can also be used as an adhesive document holder. This typically attaches to the right side of the windshield of any car and allows you to show tickets, permits or tickets paid like those of the motorway toll or paid parking. Thanks to this sticker the tickets are paid clearly visible and in case of police checks they avoid misunderstandings of any kind.

These stickers they are found practically everywhere, in particular online, where they can be purchased for negligible amounts. Alternatively, you can also buy them in the most well-stocked physical stores. You have a better chance of finding them in big cities. Then there are also the adhesives that stick to the inside of the car door to cushion them during closing.

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