MotoGP: Ducati at the top of the tension, look what happened in Buriram!

Team games at Ducati? A video clarifies the matter, not without a good dose of tension.

Ducati in the eye of the storm – MotoriNews

Ducati for some time now it has been at the center of attention for the most diverse reasons. Above all, the technical ideas developed by Gigi Dall’Igna, which have led the Desmosedici to be increasingly competitive. Indeed, it has now become almost unbeatable in MotoGP. At the moment, however, the Red bike has ended up in the spotlight for another reason. There’s a world pilots at stake, a title that has never been seen since the triumphal 2007 with Casey Stoner. Apparently also resorting to team play, if necessary. In Ducati there are two currents: Dall’Igna has declared freedom to win for the riders, Tardozzi is of a completely different opinion. video which clearly shows what the current situation is.

Tension in the Ducati home

The downpour that came before the MotoGP race has messed up all possible programs. In addition to having ruined the race of the leader Quartararo, who fell out of the points due to a big problem with the tires suddenly appeared with the rain. Not even Pecco Bagnaia has ever been a fish in these conditions, but he tried to grit his teeth to accumulate as much as possible. Further back, however, there was an arrembante Johann Zarco which, after the initial errors, has put the turbo. Until he found Bagnaia on his way: he tried some overtaking, and then turn off the gas so as not to risk too much. At the box Pramac they didn’t really like it, but it was certainly not the pilot’s initiative. The bitter “He could have won!” launched against Tardozzi at the end of the match is rather eloquent. Take a look at the images below …

Team games, yes or no?

That’s the dilemma inflaming the environment of the World Championship. There are those who say it is right, while others are firmly against it. Sometimes going beyond civilization and resorting to unfair social assaults against leading riders, like Zarco after the last GP… The fact is that the “I’m really sorry” by Gigi Dall’Igna at the Pramac garage demonstrates how Ducati are there specific orders. Better said, do not disturb in any way the rider launched in the run-up to the MotoGP title, or Pecco Bagnaia. Homework that Johann Zarco had to respect, closing the gas and escorting the colleague to the finish, and without even a thank you. In Pramac Ducati have crooked nose and the grievances towards the leaders in red have been heard. “There are those who deserve it and who instead …” was another of the bitter comments towards Tardozzi, the man who had ‘advised‘the satellite team. High voltage among the teams in red …

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