Hand on the gearbox, the 3 second rule applies: it is forbidden to leave it there

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Traveling with your hand on the gearbox is one of the common habits, both men and women do it. At first glance it does not seem to be a bad habit, indeed it would seem to be an insignificant gesture. In reality it is not and it can also cause major problems.

Hand on the gearbox
Hand on gearbox-Motori.news

Driving is often referred to as an art, which clear the mind and detoxify the soul. Unfortunately not everyone likes to drive, there are those who think that driving a vehicle is a cause of stress, anxiety and nervousness because there are too many things to keep under control at the same time.

It starts from the seat, the seat must be adjusted in such a way as to be close but not too close to the pedals, behind the wheel. The legs must not be tired when you go to press the clutch pedal, they must therefore be bent but not too much. Then the height of the seat is fundamental, you need to be high enough but not too high.

Here are some rules that allow you to drive well and safeguard the gearbox

There freedom of movement when in the car is essential, because you should never feel oppressed or conditioned. You must do everything possible to reduce blind spots, the view must always be totally free, the mirrors must be adjusted in the right way, because they must always be kept under control as they show who and what is behind and what the intentions of others are motorists and motorcyclists on the road. Not everyone knows how to regulate them, yet finding the correct position is essential for your own safety and that of others.

Finally you have to know when to use the handbrake, like, when to release it or know how to hold the steering wheel correctly in your hands to never lose control. One mistake we all make is keeping my hand fixed on the gearbox which is actually only designed to shift gears, so to be used for a few seconds.


When and how to use the gearbox so as not to damage it

The exchange, it should only be used for 3 seconds, the time needed to change from one gear to another. Among other things, safeguarding it means being able to understand when it’s time to change gear and when not. Only when necessary, the hand must be gently placed on it among other things and then removed immediately afterwards.

Keeping it resting on the lever for a long time and for no reason means transfer weight onto it, then wear the bearings and the synchronizer. The end result is that the gearbox breaks down and therefore one is forced to provide for immediate replacement without a real reason.

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