Honda 2024 Prologue Reveals ‘Neo-Rugged’ Design And Initial Specs

The pint-sized Honda e hatchback is not available in the United States where a much larger electric vehicle will come in 2024. Meet the Prolog – an SUV based on the Ultium platform developed by General Motors. Granted, it doesn’t look like a Cadillac Lyriq, Chevrolet Blazer EV, or any other zero-emissions model from GM for that matter. Well ahead of its market release, the company’s first electric SUV headed to the US revealed its design.

Styled by Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles, the Prologue slots above the CR-V in the lineup where it will be positioned alongside the Passport. It will have a large wheelbase of 121.8 inches (3,094 millimeters) made possible by using a special electric car architecture. If this number feels familiar, it’s because the two GM models we mentioned have the same wheelbase length.

In comparison, the new CR-V measures 106.3 in (2,701 mm) between axles, while the Passport’s wheelbase stands at 111 in (2,820 mm). Needless to say, the greater distance between the front and rear wheels will pay dividends in terms of legroom. Honda says the Prolog measures 192 inches (4,877 mm) long, 78.3 inches (1,989 mm) wide and 64.7 inches (1,643 mm) high.

This official image shows the model riding on 21-inch wheels with six wheel nuts, which isn’t surprising since the aforementioned Blazer and Lyriq have the same setup. While there’s no word on how much it weighs, we’ll remind you the Cadillac model – which is 4.7 inches (119 mm) longer overall – weighs a hefty 5,610 lbs (2,545 kg).

In addition to the numbers, the Prolog has what Honda calls a “neo-rugged” design and is painted with North Coast Pearls representing the exclusive colors. You’ll notice the word “HONDA” protruding from the tailgate, replacing the traditional H logo. The “Elite” badge on the rear likely refers to the trim level while the “AWD” reveals the vehicle packs a two-motor setup. Since we were in the back, we couldn’t help but see a few hints about the Range Rover Evoque.

The interior follows the latest automotive trends by adopting two large screens. Fully digital, the instrument cluster measures 11 inches and comes as standard equipment. The infotainment touchscreen is slightly larger, at 11.3 inches, and hasn’t swallowed climate control since Honda (luckily) still install physical buttons and knobs for HVAC.

Honda will have more details to share about the 2024 Prolog in the coming months.

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