Have you ever noticed these devices attached above traffic lights? That’s what they are for

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The most attentive Italian motorists have noticed the new devices that have been positioned on the traffic lights of Ostia, in these days.

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Everyone is wondering if these are new speed cameras which aim to sanction those who run along the seafront, or those who pass with red at the attic tobacconist viaduct, or even a video surveillance system that records license plates.

Some more, some less, he is practically obsessed by the presence of the new devices and will continue to be so until the problem can be said to be solved.

What are the new devices placed on the Ostia traffic lights for?

The new devices placed on traffic lights by workers aren’t surveillance cameras either Speed ​​Cameras, are devices positioned at focal points, that is, where traffic is easily congested. They have one purpose only, to reduce the risk of queuing. These tools are code savers and for this very reason they have been placed in via del Porto Fluviale, in Piazzale Appia and via Cristoforo Colombo.

These gadgets communicate with the mapssignaling queues or the reduced flow at intersections in such a way as to send input to the traffic light and turn green when needed.


Environmental protection comes first

The project aims to protect the environment, therefore try to reduce vehicle parking as much as possible which emit gases and therefore pollute the air. In this way, obviously not only respects the environment, trying to fight pollution, but the time lost in queue is also reduced and daily delays at work.

According to recent surveys, Roman motorists they remain stationary in traffic for almost 166 hours a year and there are a lot of them. For some areas these devices will certainly come in handy because they will somehow solve the problem. For others it will take something more, for example in via Cristoforo Colombo there are slowdowns even when the traffic police are present. Therefore, the devices will not be enough.

This shows that it needs to be done, it is something more. For instance, investments should be made in particular in public transport, go and build new infrastructures to travel comfortably and save money on various fronts.

Alternatively you could also bet on the Smart Working by reducing the number of people moving from home to reach the workplace. On the other hand, during the lockdown, at the beginning of the pandemic, the environmental results had already been seen, there was much less pollution. The animals had re-appropriated the green spaces. Then those who went out did not get stuck in traffic jams but managed to move from one part of the city to the other, without any discomfort.

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