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The Telepass is a service that allows you to simplify the passage from the motorway toll booths, without necessarily having to waste time to pay the amount due when passing from one city to another.


The service is designed for the thousands of motorists who every day, they have to go from one city to another for work or simply for study.

The latest news regarding the Telepass it has to do with the payment of the parking of the cars, on the blue stripes that in all cities, from the largest to the smallest, from the most crowded to the quietest, they increase day by day.

Pay for the blue lines with the Telepass service

Thanks to the new service, the payment of the blue stripes can now be made directly from the Telepass app. This is possible from 1st October until 31st December. During this time, all users who use the app to pay for the blue stripes, can get a 15% discount on parking and then take advantage of the Cashback bonus that everyone was waiting for.

This year things have become quite difficult, so making it to the end of the month with still a part of the salary at your disposal has become almost impossible. If you can save on something and in particular on cars, why not do it? The new Telepass function is available for 210 Italian municipalities, which make it possible to simplify the parking management using the Smartphone and pay without going desperate for coins, at the last minute. Municipalities that are temporarily out of business are likely to unite over the next few weeks.

The new Telepass services that allow you to save on any stop

Through the new Telepass service, you pay in seconds and give you all the necessary information without wasting time. In fact, directly from the app you can select all the data such as the license plate, the personal data and the necessary parking time. As if that were not enough then a new function has also been introduced, or that of the unlimited parking that you can use when you park your car but you don’t know when you can go and get it back.

So the driver can initiate the payment when he leaves the car and he can then interrupt it when he thinks he can leave and therefore to put an end to the stop. This function can be activated by December 31st with Telepass Pay X, or with Easy plus, saving 15% on any type of parking. Furthermore, all those who are already Telepass customers, can take advantage of the additional 5% discount going to save another small sum that can also make a difference overall.

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