XPeng G9 Is China’s Luxury EV SUV Compared To Porsche Cayenne

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Xpeng – short for Guangzhou Xiaopeng Motors Technology Co Ltd – is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Guangzhou. Founded about eight years ago and currently also running offices in Mountain View, California, the company is one of the fastest growing automakers in the People’s Republic. While the model range is relatively small and consists of four electric vehicles, the range is an impressive all-rounder compared to the best in its segment.

XPG G9 is the star motorcycle taxis driverlatest videos on YouTube. Our friends and colleagues were kind enough to share our exclusive SUV gallery with us and we’re sure you won’t find these photos anywhere else. Be sure to check out the gallery below before playing the video attached at the top of this article.

The 10 minute clip takes us to China where the G9 is brought in for a ride. The battery-powered family carrier is based on the company’s proprietary SiC dedicated EV platform, which enables fast charging thanks to its 800-volt architecture. The automaker has plans to release its own X-Power supercharger, in which the G9 should be able to charge up to 124 miles (200 kilometers) in just five minutes. During the development of the vehicle, XPeng said that the G9 compared it to the Porsche Cayenne.

Two models are currently available in the Chinese market. The base has a single electric motor driving the rear wheels with a peak output of 310 horsepower (230 kilowatts). There’s also a more expensive dual motor setup with 543 hp (405 kW) and both use the same 98 kWh battery pack. Measured by China’s CLTC protocol, the vehicle can cover a distance of up to 404 miles (650 km) on a single battery charge. Price? Around $59,000 at current exchange rates.

How does it feel on the road? How good is the interior? Is there enough room in the back seat? These and many other answers can be found in the video attached above.

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