Autostrada, crafty man did not pay 5,000 euros in tolls: the FORBIDDEN trick is illegal

Through a trivial trick, a man managed not to pay the toll on the motorway 65 times, unfortunately it is not the only case because such events are recurring.

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Furbetti at the toll – Motori.News

The driver, managed to defraud the state for two months, today the fine which he is forced to pay and which has directly arrived at his home is 5,200 euros. Autostrade per l’Italia gave him a real blow proving that nothing goes unnoticed.

Reference is made to the months of November and December of last year, months during which the man toured Italy, far and wide, going from North to South, evading the controls at the toll booths and not paying the toll. The criminal consequences, have been serious and heavy, consequently it chose to settle the fraudulent insolvency immediately so as not to have problems later.

Here’s how the driver in question and many others like him evaded the controls

The method for which the driver has opted, and like him many others, it is very simple and easy to implement. To go from one city to another, having a telepass but wanting to do a attempt not to pay the amount dueat the first toll booth the receipt is collected which then indicates the total to be paid once you arrive at the second toll booth.

Going towards the second, instead of getting into the lane of the ticket holder, you enter the lane for Telepass holders. Not having been immortalized in the first Telepass toll booth, the system categorizes the driver and his car as a gap, therefore lack of entry. In short, the driver is a ghost driver, never registered.

The consequence is that the barrier of the second city or the arrival one, opens without taking pictures and therefore without sending fines to offenders because everything seems to be in order. In very few cases, by cross-comparison, you discover the flaw in the system and run for cover. Here because many received fines after months and months.

Points deduction from the driving license

It cannot be overlooked that those who pass without paying the fee, 2 points are deducted from the driving license of those who cheated the system and therefore the state. On highway billboards, especially in the recent period, this informative message has often passed, which should make those who want not to pay give up.

The fine is € 85 for the non-payment of a single toll, this sum must be added to the deduction of two points on the driving license.

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