Absorbents on the windshield, because everyone is starting to do it: you won’t believe it

We are used to seeing so many oddities around, but the one that follows is really absurd. There are many, in the last period, to put pads on the windshield of their car.

Absorbents on the windshield
Windscreen absorbents – Motori.News

One wonders if maybe it is someone a little carelesswho could have forgotten them there out of distraction, or if they’re in the car for a real reason.

It may seem out of place, but the sanitary pads in the car have a very specific reasononce discovered probably everyone will follow the advice and they will put a box in the dashboard or in any other hidden point of the vehicle.

That’s why you should keep at least one pack of pads in your car, dashboard or trunk

The reason is one and it is also very specific. Sometimes, usually in moments of extreme necessity, you don’t notice that the washer fluid tank is totally empty. If the windows are dirty and need to be cleaned, but you don’t have water in your car how can you do it? Stains on the glass must go away, because they obstruct the view and are also dangerous.

It is precisely on this occasion that sanitary pads come in handy, but not just any sanitary pads. In particular, Maxi Tampons are needed, that’s why they should always be kept in the trunk of the car, ready to be used for any emergency.

But how do you use the absorbents on the windshield, for cleaning the windows? Here’s how to get amazing results. First you hold the pad on the adhesive side, then rub it slowly on the windshield of the car. In a few moves and especially in a few minutes, the glass will return to practically as good as newas never had it even when it was washed with water or with the special detergent.


What to use instead of absorbents to clean windows

In the absence of pads, you can try the same way to clean the windshield by gently wiping baby wipes. The windows will be totally clean, absolutely free of halos or stains or dirt of any kind. Nothing simpler and cheaper.

These two remedies are not suitable for cleaning car lights, for example. In this case, it is rather recommended to use the traditional detergent, for the windows, the one we all have in the house and that we use to clean mirrors. If at home we usually spray the window cleaner and then rub well with a cloth and dry with another to remove the streaks, in this case, we recommend using a pair of tights old men who are practically miraculous.

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