Put the key near your chin and get closer to the car: amazing what happens

The following trick has to do with the car remote and its key. Generally, remote control and key have a single key ring, which we keep in a bag or pocket to have everything at hand. Despite this, sometimes neither one nor the other comes in handy.

Key under the chin
Key under the chin – Motori.News

We are ready to reveal a secret, which no one expects. This is a trick that has to do with the car key, which once discovered it can even change the life of any motorist.

Behind the cars, and its accessories, there are completely unexpected secrets and tricks. Over time they come out one by one and change our lives, usually solving small problems or inconveniences.

The remote control of the car and the key hide an incredible secret

Today it turns out, for example, that if you put the car remote control and then the car key under the chin, it increases its range. It seems absurd but it is really so, our head in this way becomes an antenna capable of extending even the range of the car ignition key wireless.

However, it must also be said that this happens not with all keys, of any type of car, but only with some in particular.


Here’s how and when this cool little trick can come in handy

Then, thinking about it, what’s strange? What we complain about or have we all complained at least once in our life? Of many things, but in particular about the key, the remote control and the car, that it is not possible to put them in communication if they are far away. The radius doesn’t go much further, which there and then it’s not a problembecause slowly just get closer and the car opens.

The problem arises when we find ourselves in the condition of not knowing or not remembering where we parked the car. We thought we could find it with the remote control and the key, but no. To have “remote” access, you must be close to the vehicle. At least, this is usually the way it should go.

Instead, just bring the key to the head to reach the resolution of the case. If you touch the remote control or the key with your head while pressing the button, the car unlocks even if you are far away. The even strangest, most absurd, unbelievable thing is that if you hold the remote control under the chin and the mouth opens, the range increases even more.

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