Disinfectant, put it on the car lock – you can’t imagine what happens

There are some products that we use on a daily basis, which we would never think we could use in any other way, or in a different way than usual, one of them is hand sanitizer.

Frozen door Sanitizer in the door
Sanitizer in the door – Motori.News

The disinfectant, in gel or alcohol-based sprayhas been with us for two years now, exactly from March 2020, or when the pandemic began.

Since then, everyone is present at least inside backpacks, bags, in the car, even at home a scented disinfectant which allows us to sanitize our hands wherever we are, at any time. But not only.

We also use it to disinfect what we have to touch around, for example the shopping cart. In short, the disinfectant, it has become indispensable for each of us.

Disinfectant to unlock the car lock

Few people know that the disinfectant can also be useful outside the car, in particular it can be passed on the handle and on the locks, not only to sanitize the exterior of the car with which we always come into contact. The disinfectant sprayed directly on the handle, where the lock is present, it melts the ice and eliminates the dirt that blocks it and does not allow the key to be inserted and opened.

With just one spray of this product, the key goes in and turns like never before. This is because alcohol is contained in the disinfectant, which in this and many other situations is practically miraculous.


Cleaning the car handle with disinfectant

Those who are particularly attentive to cleaning can use disinfectant to disinfect the car or door handle while being careful how you do it. The first rule, in this case, is not to keep the product on the handle for too long because otherwise it could also oxidize it.

The practice is certainly recommended especially in a period like this when cleanliness and hygiene are never excessive.

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