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All Italian motorists, and not only, have found themselves in trouble because of the increases resulting from the pandemic and the Russia – Ukraine conflict that has made everything difficult.

Driver bonus
Driver bonus – Motori.News

The costs of living have gone up enormously, so making it to the end of the month has become virtually impossible. Many motorists found themselves in the position of having to give up the use of the car, preferring to travel on public transport. Everything, in order not to consume and waste fuel.

Not to mention who even decides to don’t pay taxes such as car tax or insurance, risking big.

Aid on the way for motorists. The application to get 4000 €

The news that makes Italian motorists jump for joy has to do with the new bonus made available to families in difficulty who will soon be able to receive up to a maximum of € 4,000.

We all know that the initial phase, that of buying a vehicle, is not the only difficult one to face. When you own it a car costs are always a lot, they practically never end. At the beginning you get bonuses, but then what? Then everything goes without saying. To make things complicated are not only the taxes, but also the fuel which in the past months has come to cost € 2 per liter and which now, despite the cut in excise duties, still has a high cost. Just like spare parts.

The new € 4000 bonus, which all drivers are talking about, joins the € 3500 bonus. The € 4000 contribution has an imminent deadline, applications can be submitted up to 11 November 2022 at the latest. anyone who wants to buy a new car.

It is a bonus that can be combined with all the others proposed by the government. For example, at the moment the Government is making € 7,500 available to Italian families to use for the purchase of an electric car, scrapping a polluting vehicle.

Cumulative bonuses, that’s why it is worthwhile

There is an Italian municipality that is currently paying the € 4000 bonus to its people replacing an old polluting car with a new one with a low environmental impact. This is the municipality of Terni which is also flanked by the municipality of Narni.

Interested parties will be able to get € 4,000 for the purchase of an electric car and € 3,000 for the purchase of a hybrid car. Request to be sent by 11 November. If the two bonuses are added together, the expense to buy the car becomes trivial, negligible, anyone can face it without any problem. Indeed perhaps by making two calculations, it costs more to buy a second-hand car rather than a new one which is non-polluting. It is time to take advantage.

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