a new Rossi-Simoncelli duo that works in MotoGP

Names that have shone in the past and are making a comeback. A Rossi-Simoncelli 2.0 who on Sunday obtained the first weight result.

Rossi and Simoncelli, the return – MotoriNews

A blast from the past, but with your feet firmly planted in the present. Certain surnames, however, in the MotoGP they evoke many memories, as well as the hope of seeing them again at the top. Sometimes, however, also a little painful, as in the case of Marco Simoncelli, who died prematurely in 2011 in that very serious accident in Sepang. He was also innocent protagonist of that event Valentino Rossi, who brought with him the sad memory of his much younger friend who passed away. A’paired with surnames which returns this year, even if only on one occasion there is a kinship with the two riders mentioned. In the last GP in Thailand then the first came, great result together.

The return of Rossi

For someone with this name who has retired, there is a second who is working to get higher and higher. The now 43 year old Valentino Rossi in fact he left the MotoGP to engage in cars, always followed by his first loyal fans, his partner Francesca and his 7-month-old daughter Giulietta. Looking at Moto3, however, it has been there for a few years Riccardo Rossi, who instead of 20 years old and is Genoese. No kinship, but a surname nonetheless very heavy to bring. Emerging in the World Cup is not easy, but the young Riccardo is trying. The first podium (in the wet) came last year with another team, this year he is with SIC58 Racing Team. It took almost the whole season, but finally in Thailand here is the joy. A hard fought third place, this time on a dry track: an opportunity finally materialized after many wasted attempts due to various problems. The smile on his face, but it is also a celebration for his team, who have been dry for well over two years!

Riccardo Rossi, what a podium with SIC58 – MotoriNews

“An awaited sunny day”

SIC58’s boss is none other than Paolo Simoncellithe father of the unfortunate driver who died in 2011. A born team in the name of the son, which for years has been pursuing the goal of helping the growth of young drivers. For some time then you have been involved in the World Cup, a exciting return years after that tragic accident. From this year, ironically, that surname is again linked to a Rossi, Riccardo in fact. That Sunday gave him his first satisfaction in a long time, as he writes in his blog about him. “A podium desiredtiring, expected, as one expects sunny day the month of December. We finally succeeded after a great race. ” A new restart for both, a Rossi-Simoncelli 2.0 determined to shine more and more.

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